The foundation act of the Urban and Spatial Planning Institute of Vojvodina (official gazette: "Službeni list APV" broj 10/02) specifies that the mission of this institution is to perform continuous work on spatial and urban planning of the environment and settlements of strategic importance for the Republic of Sebria, which pertain to the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina. Furthermore, the Institute aims to manage and carry out specialized activities of particular importance to both provincial and local institutions in the territory of Vojvodina.

For the founder

As specified in its foundation act, the Institute performs its duties following the annual plan of action for which the AP Vojvodina allocates a budget. In addition to regular activities (listed in the activity charter), the Institute carries out spatial planning for the region of Vojvodina and areas of specific purpose, urban plans, strategic assessment projects, various studies and other research work.

For other clients

The Institute is commissioned from the majority of municipalities in AP Vojvodina to create spatial and urban plans, detailed regulation plans, projects for land allotment, strategic assessment projects, building requirements and other professional activities in the field of spatial planning and environment.
Currently, the Institute is operating in more than 30 municipalities in Vojvodina.



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