Novi Sad, September 5, 2011.

Director Zelenović appeared in the TV show "Razglednice"

The TV show "Razglednice" which is being broadcasted on Radio Television of Vojvodina, had director of the Institute, Mr. Vladimir Zelenović as a guest. The occasion for the talk were current activities and projects involving the the Institute. Since we currently have public review of draft version of the Regional Spatial Plan of Vojvodina in progress, director Zelenović referred to specific objections and concerns of several municipalities.

He also discussed international projects involving the Institute, such as preparation of planning documentation for the rehabilitation of cross-border roads Bacalmas-Bajmok and Tisasiget-Djala within IPA Programme Hungary-Serbia, as well as a project TICAD. Both projects are co-financed by EU funds.

Mr. Zelenovic stressed the importance of cross-border roads, both for the development of the municipalities in whose territories these roads are located, as well as the development of the region. Developed infrastructure is one of the key drivers of future economic growth, improved standard of living, rapid flow of goods, people and services on both sides of the border.

Finally, the Director thanked the Government of Vojvodina for the assistance it gave to the Institute in implementing these projects, without which the grant of the European Union to Vojvodina, in the amount of 700,000 euros, would not be possible.