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Budapest, November 22-25th, 2010.

3rd Worksop on TICAD project was held in Budapest

Within the SEE Transnational Program, Tisa Catchment Area Development - TICAD, a 3rd Workshop was held in Budapest, in premises of VÁTI Hungarian Nonprofit Ltd. for Regional Development and Town Planning.

The workshop was attended by representatives of all 5 countries, which participate in TICAD project.
Representatives of the Institute were Teodora Tomin Rutar and Tamara Zelenović Vasiljević as well as Dušan Jovanović as the representative of Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad.

They presented National analysis of TICAD project for the territory of the Republic of Serbia.

Programme of TICAD Workshop

National analysis of TICAD project for Serbia

Presentation of the Institute

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