January 2010.

Interview: Vladimir Zelenovic, director of JP "Zavod za urbanizam Vojvodine" 

Department of Urban Planning, in various forms of organization, exists in the Province since 1950. This means that it will soon mark a big anniversary - 60 years.
During this long period, several times a name has changed, together with the mode of financing - until 1964. it was the budgetary institution, and in the same year there was the decision of the Executive Council of Vojvodina, by which the Institute began to be financed by the principles of income. Since then, the Institute intensifies it's work on the development of urban and spatial planning documents for a large number of settlements and municipalities in Vojvodina and begins intensive work on feasibility studies and projects in the areas of water supply and sanitation as well as on making decisions about the arrangement of construction land in cities and municipal centers. In short, the Department is profiled as a provincial institution that performs operations and activities of special social interest. New Statute of the Institute who was adopted in 1977, for the first time, defines scientific and research work as an activity of the Institute.... more

Novi Sad, December 28, 2009.

The donation of New Year presents for children of employees 

On December 28th New Year's presents award ceremony was organized for children of employees.
39 children, aged from 0-15 got their presents with candies and toys, appropriate to their age.
For the artistic part of the program, actors from creative studio "Čarolija" were hired and they performed a play called "Music, or .... nothing", that children watched with great interest. After the play, Santa Claus appeared in the hall... more

Novi Sad, December 9, 2009.

Decision on making of regional spatial plan of AP Vojvodina 

Deputies of the Assembly of APV made the Decision about making of Regional Spatial Plan of AP Vojvodina, whose creation is of strategic importance for the Province because of its long-term concept of development, organization, arrangement, protection and utilization of the territory. The aim of the adoption of the Regional Spatial Plan is to define the planning principles and criteria for rational use and preservation of agricultural land, water and other natural resources, and provision of spatial conditions for the development, construction and reconstruction of regional infrastructure systems. This plan is developing a network of settlements, activates the territorial capital and potentials of undeveloped areas for greater development, deployment of industry, agriculture, construction, forestry, energetics, tourism and other activities. Its purpose is to encourage regional particularities and strengthen regional identities, and to identify measures and spatial conditions for the transport, economic, social and environmentally sustainable integration of the planning area and the wider surroundings. It also establishes measures for the protection and improvement of environment, natural and cultural resources, and greater levels of competitiveness and efficiency.... more

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