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Rabe, August 7, 2019.

The official beginning of the works on the Rabe - the state border with Hungary section

Today, on the border between Hungary, Romania and Serbia, the beginning of the works on the rehabilitation of the state road II B row number 302 from the place of Rabe to the state border with Hungary, 1,367 meters long, was marked.

The event was attended by Biljana Vuksanovic, executive director of PE "Roads of Serbia", Predrag Knezevic, director of PE "Institute for Urbanism of Vojvodina", Nandor Ujhelji, president of the Municipal Assembly of Novi Knezevac, as well as representatives of the leading partner in the project from Hungary.

Rehabilitation of the road is performed within the joint infrastructure project of Serbia and Hungary - "Development of a Road Border Crossing at Kübekháza (HU) - Rabe (SRB) area", which is financed from the Interreg IPA funds of the European Union.

The project is being implemented through the cooperation of the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, PE "Roads of Serbia", PE "Institute for Urbanism of Vojvodina" and the Hungarian National Agency for Infrastructure.

The completion of the works will create conditions for the opening of a new border crossing that will improve mobility, quality of transport, support economic activities of the population and economically strengthen border settlements on the border of Hungary, Serbia and Romania.

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